Most NAPS members work in metropolitan areas and belong to local branches.  Those working in communities with too few supervisors to support a local branch belong to their state branch. There are over 400 branches nationwide. Supervisors, managers and postmasters join NAPS by completing an SF 1187, available from any USPS personnel office, NAPS officer or NAPS member. The form authorizes the Postal Service to make payroll deductions for national and local dues, which vary depending on the dues charged by the local branch.

NAPS has three classifications of membership:

Those eligible for active membership are all supervisory and managerial personnel who are not subject to collective bargaining agreements under Chapter 12 of Title 39, US Code, and who are employed in processing and distribution centers and facilities, including but not limited to Headquarters, area and district offices; post offices; bulk mail centers; and, other installation personnel. 

NAPS does not the represent personnel employed as PCES installation heads and postal inspectors, or other like positions in USPS Headquarters or field facilities. 

Dues for active members vary by branch from approximately $120 to $240 per year and are withheld biweekly.

Former active members who were in good standing at the time of retirement may become associate members. Associate member dues are at least one-half the national per capita tax, or $36 per year, and may also vary by branch.

Members who are in good standing at the time of retirement or promotion are entitled to honorary membership. Honorary members may attend meetings, but are not required to pay dues and are not entitled to any of the other benefits of membership.

Spouses, immediate family members or designees of NAPS members support NAPS' goals, especially in the legislative area, by joining the National Auxiliary to NAPS, founded in 1933.


State of Florida NAPS Scholarship
          Each academic year NAPS Florida State will offer two $250.00 college scholarships to young men or women, who will attend college on a “full time” basis.  

          The Scholarship(s) will be available for the enrollment to an accredited 2 or 4 year institution to any member in good standing of Florida State NAPS and/or family member. 
          The Scholarship Committee will be comprised of five members and will be created at the State/Bi-State convention as appointed by the State President. The committee will review the applications received and make the selection for the scholarships. The chairperson of the committee will be a member of the Florida State Executive Board as determined by the State President, and at least two members of the committee must be non-State Board Members. No members of the Scholarship committee shall be related to any of the applicants being considered for that year’s scholarship.

          After January 1st each year, scholarship application forms will be available from any member of the State Board upon request and will also be available on the Florida State NAPS website FLNAPS.ORG. 

            Completed applications and all required items must be mailed to Florida State NAPS Branch 911, to the attention of the NAPS Scholarship Committee at 2710 Atlantis Dr New Smyrna Beach FL 32168-2402 and received NO LATER THAN May 31.


Official transcript of grades, listing averages for four preceding semesters.
Applicant’s relationship to the Florida State NAPS member in good standing and the branch number of the NAPS member.
The NAPS member’s mailing address.
Applicants proof of enrollment to an accredited 2 or 4 year institution, as well as the applicant’s major course of study.
A brief essay of 200 words or less on: What Major I plan to pursue in College.
Any application submitted without all the required items will be disqualified.

            A report by the Committee Chairman will be submitted to the State Board at the June Meeting.  The report will include the number of applications received for consideration.  Recipients of the award(s) must register in a college, university or technical college no later than September of the year in which the scholarship is awarded or forfeit the award.  Funding the Scholarship Program will be paid for by the State Board.  The Scholarship Committee will announce the two winning applicants at the State Convention in June and will issue the checks upon the receipt of the registration in the accredited 2 or 4 year institution.

About Us and Scholarship Info

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NAPS Branch 93

What is NAPS ?
The National Association of Postal Supervisors is a membership organization representing over 36,000 active and retired supervisors, managers and postmasters who work for or who retired from the United States Postal Service(USPS). The object of the Association is to promote, through appropriate and effective action, the welfare of its members, and to cooperate with USPS and other agencies of the federal government in a continuing effort to improve the service, to raise the standard of efficiency, and to widen the field of opportunity for its members who make the Postal Service or the federal government their life work.

NAPS is a management association, not a union. NAPS is unique among federal management associations in that our rights are statutory, with a high level of detail concerning our relationship with USPS. (NAPS' rights are listed under Title 39 of the US Code, Section 1004.)

NAPS represents the overwhelming majority of first-line supervisors who work both in facilities where postal employees process mail and where they deliver mail. Our membership also includes other mid-level and senior managers in every functional area of the Postal Service, including marketing, finance, human resources and maintenance, to name a few. We have a growing number of postmasters as members, individuals who decided to remain a part of our organization even after being promoted to a postmaster position.

Our members work in the field. We do not represent managers who work at USPS Headquarters in Washington, DC, or senior managers in the Postal Career Executive Service who are installation heads.