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The National Association of Postal Supervisors is the only management organization that represents supervisors, managers and postmasters. Over 26,000 NAPS members have representation where it counts–at Postal Service headquarters and on Capitol Hill. Whether the issue is pay, benefits or working conditions, you have a qualified group of professional advocates working on your behalf.  For approved cases, NAPS’ Disciplinary Defense Fund (DDF) provides a trained legal advocate for members facing removal, reduction in grade and postal financial indebtedness (Debt Collection Act).

In addition to providing disciplinary defense services, members also receive information on legislation, postal policy and career advisement. Area training seminars are held on a variety of topics throughout the course of the year. Our annual Legislative Training Seminar in Washington, DC teaches grass roots legislative techniques and provides information on bills of interest to members.

Perhaps most important of all, NAPS members have the opportunity to become better informed and more efficient employees. This will serve to help our efforts to improve the overall atmosphere within the USPS. NAPS exists to raise the standard of efficiency, to widen the field of opportunity and to improve the quality of the work environment for those members who make the Postal Service their career.


We would like to invite you to become a member of the National Association of Postal Supervisors (NAPS). Whether it is five years or five minutes, you can count on one thing at the US Postal Service – CHANGE. However, one thing that has not changed in the past 107+ years is the great representation, information, and networking opportunities NAPS provides its members. With approximately 26,100 members and financial assets well over $29 million, NAPS is a viable and stable postal management organization, whose future and finances are strong as is our voice at USPS headquarters and on Capitol Hill.

NAPS is not a union, but a professional management association that represents the overwhelming majority of EAS postal employees. NAPS membership includes front-line supervisors, middle to upper-level managers, postmasters, Sales, HR, administrative and support personnel at all levels of the Postal Service. NAPS has over 280 local and state branches, three full-time representatives in Washington D.C. as well as regional, area, state, and local elected officers in the field representing members. Besides consulting with the Postal Service on member concerns, NAPS lobbies Congress on postal issues affecting the USPS and our members’ livelihood.

Did you know that postmasters account for over 11% of overall NAPS membership? Many of our members hold dual memberships in other management associations. NAPS is not asking you to give up membership in any organization. However, we are asking you to join your fellow EAS to become a member of the largest postal management association in the country, the National Association of Postal Supervisors.

No matter your postal title all members receive the same membership benefits, including our retiree members. These include holding office at the local, state and national levels. Full voting rights on all NAPS business and access to the NAPS Disciplinary Defense Fund (DDF), just to name a few. Based on branch affiliation, membership dues will vary from $6 to $15 per pay period which includes up to $3,500 in representation fees in the unlikely event you should receive adverse disciplinary or debt collection action. For the record, NAPS accepts every member’s adverse action and debt collection case. To date, no member has ever had to personally pay additional funds to be represented by NAPS’s DDF team.

 To start enjoying the benefits of NAPS membership we encourage you to complete the NAPS Form 1187 and submit it to NAPS HQ. If you should have any questions about the NAPS organization or the benefits of membership, please send them to or call our national office at (703) 836-9660.

We look forward to receiving your membership form and welcoming you to the NAPS organization


Most NAPS members work in metropolitan areas and belong to local branches.  Those working in communities with too few supervisors to support a local branch belong to their state branch. There are over 400 branches nationwide. Supervisors, managers and postmasters join NAPS by completing an SF 1187, available from any USPS personnel office, NAPS officer or NAPS member. The form authorizes the Postal Service to make payroll deductions for national and local dues, which vary depending on the dues charged by the local branch.

NAPS has three classifications of membership:

Those eligible for active membership are all supervisory and managerial personnel who are not subject to collective bargaining agreements under Chapter 12 of Title 39, US Code, and who are employed in processing and distribution centers and facilities, including but not limited to Headquarters, area and district offices; post offices; bulk mail centers; and, other installation personnel. 

NAPS does not the represent personnel employed as PCES installation heads and postal inspectors, or other like positions in USPS Headquarters or field facilities. 

Dues for active members vary by branch from approximately $120 to $240 per year and are withheld biweekly.

Former active members who were in good standing at the time of retirement may become associate members. Associate member dues are at least one-half the national per capita tax, or $36 per year, and may also vary by branch.

Members who are in good standing at the time of retirement or promotion are entitled to honorary membership. Honorary members may attend meetings, but are not required to pay dues and are not entitled to any of the other benefits of membership.

Spouses, immediate family members or designees of NAPS members support NAPS' goals, especially in the legislative area, by joining the National Auxiliary to NAPS, founded in 1933.

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